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“Oh for goodness sake, stop the dropsy” is what I said over and over when my son, Sean, would drop his bottle or sippy cup. One day when I was driving to the store, I was startled with a cup to the head and heard a familiar giggle from the back seat. My head hurt, I was tired of picking up sippy cups from the floor, searching under seats in the car and store aisles and having to buy new bottles or cups to replace lost ones. I began looking for products that would keep Sean from throwing his cup on the floor and a way he could easily retrieve it if dropped. I figured if I was sick of the “uh oh” game, other parents had to be at their wits end as well. After purchasing existing products I found that even with Sean’s developmental delays as a child with autism, he could easily take the strap off his cups, because they were made of Velcro. I still didn’t have a solution.

I decided to recruit my husband, Michael, to design something that would keep Sean’s bottles, cups and toys from slipping off while in his car seat, highchair and in shopping carts. After he developed a few designs that would be easy for me to attach and remove, I tested them out to determine which one would not slip off and would be safe for Sean to use. I also enlisted the help of Sean’s pediatrician and occupational therapist to review these items for safety when using with babies and children at all stages of development. Finally, after months of testing and development the SippyPal™ was born!

Most importantly, it had the SEAL OF APPROVAL from Baby Sean!

I began selling SippyPal while attending play groups, baby classes and mommy groups after other moms saw how safe, quick and easy it was to use. I was happy to hear sighs of relief as more and more moms were able to stop the dropsy! As the demand grew, my husband and I decided we needed to help other parents and caregivers, and expand our unique product to a larger market. We knew we needed a name, and we immediately thought of our favorite nickname for Sean based on his affinity for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; PBnJ baby.

From the SippyPal we expanded into other cool baby gear all designed with the same, thoughtful intent; to make caring for babies and small children easier! As a mom of a child with autism, I know how difficult it can be sometimes to ride in the car or shop for groceries. Our safe, fun products keep pacis, sippy cups and baby gear where they belong…with baby…and off ground…away from germs.

PBnJ baby is a proud supporter of Autism Speaks and other autism-related organizations who assist individuals and their families living with autism.

Stacie Blaney

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