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Paci Holder is a UNIVERSAL pacifier holder that is compatible with all types of pacifiers such as Soothie, Avent, Mam, GumDrop and more!

Paci Holder Features:

  • Safe design - no metal clips, no sharp metal edges, no small metal parts, no rusting or tarnishing
  • Fashionable patterns and adorable characters
  • Strong clasp that is gentle on cloths but will not pull off
  • Attaches to all pacifiers
  • Free of BPA and Phthalates
  • Hand washable and durable

$4.50 each
Pacifier not included

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Jungle Paci Holder Puppy Paci Holder Kitten Paci Holder Duck Paci Holder Bear Paci Holder Stars & Stripes Paci Holder  
Jungle Puppy Kitten Ducks Bears Stars & Stripes  
Boy Camo Girl Camo B/W Paisley Heart Paci Holder Blue Stripe Paci Holder Pink Stripe Paci Holder  
Green Camo Pink Camo Blk/Wh Paisley Hearts Blue Stripe Pink Stripe  
Blue Dot Paci Holder Pink Dot Paci Holder Blue/Grn Stripe Paci Holder Green Paisley Lil Pink Dots  
Blue/Green Dot Pink/Purple Dot Blue/Grn Stripe Grn/Pink Paisley Lil Pink Dots